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Dedicated Developers
The team at SME Development Partners brings over 50 years of combined expertise to the real estate development process. We have an extensive history of developing all classes of commercial and residential properties, including retail, office, industrial, residential and hospitality projects, as well as an impressive portfolio of current projects that reflect our long-standing commitment to delivering superior quality properties. Our expertise extends across every stage of the development process:

  • Deal Analysis & Consulting Services: We help owners explore development options for a particular property, utilizing best-use analysis and pro forma financials to evaluate and maximize a property’s value.
  • Entitlement: We work directly with local municipalities and state agencies to obtain all necessary approvals for the rights to develop a property, and represent an owner’s interests throughout the zoning and permitting process.
  • Construction: We specialize in the ground-up construction and renovation of residential and commercial structures, overseeing all phases of the construction process from the first shovel to the final certificate of occupancy.
  • Sales and Marketing: We have an extensive background in property sales and marketing, including managing our own in-house advertising agency, and we understand the complexities of promoting properties in today’s digital real estate marketplace.
  • Property Management: We control and manage the operations of completed projects, and assist with the disposition of developed properties.

At SME, we are driven by a deep commitment to quality and innovation. We understand every aspect of development, and we have done and seen it all. Our depth of experience and hands-on management style ensure success in all real estate development projects we oversee.

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